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Complementary Therapies

All of our Lotus primary care patients are eligible to receive our complementary therapies, which include acupuncture, aromatherapy and herbal teas.


Acupuncture is a system of medicine that prods your body toward healing itself. Very fine needles are inserted along energetic pathways, called meridians, stimulating the free flow of energy (qi) and blood. When qi and blood flow freely and smoothly, pain is relieved and healing can begin.

Acupuncture can address a variety of issues including joint and muscular pain, neuropathy, headaches, fatigue, immune support, stress, insomnia, weight management, mood fluctuations and smoking. Ear detox treatments are also provided for drug and alcohol addiction. For patients who fear needles, ear press beads, magnets and liniments can be used instead.


Experience the power of 100% natural essential oils. Learn how to address an array of issues including pain, cold and flu, and emotional issues. Beauty/spa formulas are also available such as all natural shampoos, skin rejuvenation blends, massage oils and body lotions.

Herbal Teas

Our acupuncturist can meet with you to discuss gentle herbal teas which can improve sleep, relieve pain, aid smoking cessation, relieve cold symptoms and more.