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Lotus Health and Wellness is a new non-profit community health care center developed by its umbrella organization, St. Mary’s Center. St. Mary’s Center has been serving the Harlem community for 24 years operating both a day treatment program and a skilled nursing facility.

We are located in Central Harlem, a medically underserved area, with rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental illness, substance abuse and smoking that outpace the city as a whole. Because of limited access to primary care services many of our community residents rely on emergency room care and hospitalizations for their medical treatment. The St. Mary’s staff and board decided we would like to offer our neighborhood a better model based on early intervention and preventative treatment. Thus, Lotus Health and Wellness was born.

We felt strongly we wanted to offer a holistic approach to health which focused on prevention and wellness in addition to disease management. By adding mental health services and wellness initiatives such as acupuncture and tobacco treatment, to our primary care services, Lotus seeks to provide truly coordinated and holistic care all in one location.